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Operating heavy machines comes with its fair share of risks; however, you can ensure a safe experience by following these tractor safety tips by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford.

Tractors are undoubtedly some of the most versatile and helpful working machines. They are indispensable for lifting and carrying heavy livestock loads, plowing and seed on farms, excavating at construction sites, among other uses. Nonetheless, it's important to note that they are complex and heavy work tools; therefore, they must be handled with precaution and care. If you want to learn essential tractor safety pointers, read this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford.

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5 Tips to Ensure Tractor Safety

Familiarize Yourself With Your Tractor

Your operator's manual is your main source of information regarding your tractor; thus, reading it is crucial to keep yourself out of harm's way when operating your heavy-duty equipment. Here are the most important pieces of content you should read:
  • Safety instructions: Inside the manual, you'll find plenty of information about tractor safety; make sure to read it all. Start by looking at the warning labels since they contain information about your tractor's operational limits. Also, you can find instructions for a safer operation, such as how to drive on a slope, the recommended working speed, or how to turn the tractor safely.
  • Tractor's controls: To familiarize yourself with the tractor's functioning, refer to the manual's information about operative controls. Reading this is super important since you must understand the function and usage of all the pedals, knobs, and levers.
  • Service intervals: Preventive maintenance and servicing are crucial to ensuring your tractor's reliability and safe performance; considering that, make sure to keep up with the maintenance and service requirements stated by the operator's manual.

Get Training

Training is essential to operate heavy-duty equipment safely; hence, seek tractor training courses or certification programs in your area. By getting supervised training, you'll be able to safely learn complicated tractor maneuvers, such as operating the equipment through slopes the safe way, doing turns, or stopping the engine in an emergency. The added benefit to this is gaining a level of experience and confidence you'll need to handle your tractor in the safest way possible.

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Use Your Equipment's ROPS

As mentioned above, most tractor-related injuries are caused by overturns; therefore, it's important to note that tractors nowadays include a safety device called ROPS (rollover protective structure), which serves as a shield to keep the operator safe in case an overturn occurs. Now, to avoid any minor, major, or fatal injury while operating your tractor, you'll need to make sure your tractor has a ROPS installed; if it does, use it whenever you run your equipment.

Use Protective Clothing

Your body is vulnerable to several risks whenever you operate your tractor; for that reason, you must dress safely for the work you'll be doing; to that end, here are some items you can wear to protect yourself:
  • Snug-fitting clothing: You've probably never seen a tractor operator wearing scarves or flaring pants; the reason for this is that wearing loose clothing runs the risk of getting caught inside the tractor's pulleys, drive belts, rotating cutter head, among other exposed moving parts. So, to avoid the chances of getting entangled or caught, wear snug-fitting clothing whenever you operate your tractor.
  • Cap or hat: Whatever tractor-related work you intend to do, chances are you'll be working outdoors exposed to the sun; if so, make sure to avoid sunburns to your skin and light sensitivity to your eyes by wearing a cap or a hat.
  • Ankle boots with non-slip soles: Your ankles are particularly vulnerable as you could slip or tumble when getting on and off your tractor's steps; hence, make sure to protect them by wearing sturdy boots with rubber soles and ankle support.
  • Leather gloves: Wearing them will help you keep your hands warm during winter. Also, wearing gloves enhances and supports your grip, which makes the operative controls handling more comfortable.

Know Your Working Area

Finally, never leave things to chance, and make sure to inspect the area you intend to work over. Look out for hazards such as large rocks, ditches, or stumps. You should remove anything that might cause your tractor problems. If you come across large immovable obstructions, you can opt to place a warning sign or flag near so you can be extra careful around that spot.

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