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Want to become a safer, more efficient driver this year? If so, ensure to stay away from the bad driving habits listed in this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford.

Welcoming a new year always brings an encouraging and optimistic feeling. Thus, many people resolve to do things such as quit...
As picturesque as snow-covered roads are, they are somewhat dangerous. That is why building a winter emergency car kit is vital. Keep reading this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford to learn more on the matter.

Winter is almost here! That means it won't be long before the city becomes...
Driving at night is risky due to poor visibility and the chance of falling asleep at the wheel. To safely hit the road after dark, follow the tips below by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford.

Reduced visibility and drowsy driving make night driving risky. So much so that the National Safety Council...
An off-road adventure can push your vehicle to the limit; thus, preparing it with a pre-trip inspection routine is essential. Keep reading this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford for more information.

Are you ready for your next off-road adventure? Leaving the road behind to explore gravel,...
If you're ready to buy your first motorcycle but don't know where to start, keep reading this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford for tips on the matter.

Are you ready to buy your first motorcycle? If so, you should know that choosing a bike can be as exciting as well as challenging. On the...
Driving can become dangerous when irritability or impatience becomes road rage. To learn how to reduce stress at the wheel and avoid road rage, keep reading this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford.

Road rage is a term used to refer to the aggressive, impulsive, and erratic behaviors that...
When the sun is too intense, you need to be more careful behind the wheel. To face the challenges and learn sunny day defensive driving tips, read this post that Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford has put together for you.

Summer is right around the corner, which means sunny days and higher...
Planning to go on a road trip this summer? If so, this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford will take you through the emergency essentials you need to deal with any unforeseen situation on the road.

It's time for a summer road trip! As you may already know, having your vehicle checked by a...
If you want to prime your vehicle for a safe and smooth spring road trip, follow the spring vehicle maintenance tips listed in this post by Tarheel Synthetics in AMSOIL: Tarheel Synthetics: Roger.

Spring is undoubtedly the best time to take road trips with family and friends; therefore, it's...
Being involved in a fender bender may be pretty stressful; thus, this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford will share some tips on dealing with a minor car accident in the best possible way.

What is a Fender Bender?

As the name suggests, a fender bender refers to a minor car accident that...

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