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Each time that a new rider takes their bike out on the road for a long-haul ride, things often don’t go as planned. 

No rider likes (or wants) to think of their bike as being limited when compared to a car. However, when planning for a road trip on your bike, these limitations need to be considered. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a long ride on your bike, it just means that you need to plan things a little differently.

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Tips to Help You Plan for a Safe and Sane Road Trip on Your Bike

To help get you on the road (pun intended), below are some great planning tips from Tarheel Synthetics in Sanford  to consider when taking your bike out onto the open road.

Why Does It Have to Be a Solitary Affair?

Half of the fun of a road trip is enjoying it with your friends, with all of you piling into a car to share stories and laughs along the journey. And while fitting all of your friends onto your bike isn’t reasonable, this doesn’t mean that the adventure has to be a solo one. Speak with friends who own bikes or look to your local biking club for anybody who would be interested in joining you. While you won’t be able to chat as you ride, each time you stop to take a break or stretch your legs provides a great social opportunity for you all to catch up on the roads you’ve just ridden and what lies ahead.

Be Aware of Your Breaks

On the subject of taking breaks, it’s important to consider that you can’t ride for as long as you would drive. After all, a car is largely a comfortable vehicle, with a range of climate control and comfort options. On a bike, however, it’s just you sitting on top of a rumbling and vibrating engine. Plan your journey with this thought in your mind and look for routes which include a range of places you can stop along the way. However, instead of just looking for safe places to pull over and enjoy a drink, find places of interest where you and your riding companions can take a short walk or enjoy an adventure in a new small town.

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The Radio Isn’t Going to Cut It

When you’re driving in a car, it’s easy to simply change the music as you drive if the station you’re listening to starts playing music which isn’t really suited to your ride. On a bike, however, changing the station requires you to pull over, take off some gear, take out your portable radio, then get going again. Switch the radio for a music streaming app. Using your favored app, create a few playlists before you leave such as one for cruising to your favorite tunes, one for when you need a bit of a pick-me-up, and a slower one for when you are taking it easy through serene countryside. While you’re on your home wifi, download these into your phone so that you can play them offline when you are out of cell reception. Once these are sorted, grab a high-quality Bluetooth headset which connects to your phone’s inbuilt assistant. This can allow you to change the music, listen to and respond to messages, and even make and take calls, all by using voice commands.

You Can’t Battle the Weather, but You Can Plan Around It

Even if you have everything planned out nicely, the weather can still put a wrench in your plans. However, just because there’s bad weather doesn’t mean that you have to cancel your trip. Instead, simply plan around it. As an example, you can either change your route to avoid the weather or, if there is a town which is expecting a short storm or bout of rain, plan to arrive there beforehand and wait it out in a cafe enjoying lunch and a break.

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