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Have you heard about the belief that all motorcycle riders only wear leather jackets to look cool? This is one of many misconceptions about motorcycle culture. Learn more about common motorcycle beliefs that are wrong in this article by Tarheel Synthetics.

When looking at it from the outside, motorcycle culture can be hard to understand. People that are not familiar with this world often have preconceived notions about riders and motorcycles. There are some common beliefs about motorcycles that are believed by many people, including some motorcycle riders, that are actually false. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, read this post that Tarheel Synthetics in Lee County has for you.

You Have to Be Big to Ride a Motorcycle

What is more important when it comes to riding a motorcycle is having physics in mind as well as having and mental strength. Yes, your weight may change some of the aspects you pay attention to or your tactics as you need to have weight distribution in mind, but it is not a definitive factor. There are a lot of different motorcycles designed to fit almost every body type and any size human. So no, don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to be big and super tong to be able to enjoy the experience of riding a motorcycle.

Expensive Bikes Are Better

There is a perception that expensive things are better, and this extends to all things, including motorcycles. Even though it is true that more expensive items tend to be made out of better quality materials, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply to motorcycles. It all comes down to the mechanics and the way the bike functions, not about the looks, which at times tends to increase the cost of the machine. Examining the engine should be more important than looking at the price in order to determine the value of a motorcycle.

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Riding on the Freeway Is Very Dangerous

This is not true. Most accidents actually happen in urban settings as motorcycle riders have to ride amongst cars and pay attention to aspects like pedestrians. In the city, there are a lot of cars driving at different speeds and directions. When it comes to freeways, they are actually one of the safest places to ride, and this is because in a freeway, everyone is driving in the same direction, and there are fewer unexpected and external factors that could potentially put a motorcycle rider in a dangerous situation.

Your First Bike Should Is the Most Important Bike You'll Own

This is a belief that isn’t correct. This can vary depending on the type of motorcycle you wish to buy, but normally, first-time motorcycle buyers tend to want to buy super expensive and fancy motorcycles as their first. For beginner riders, it’s important to take into consideration that their first motorcycles is probably the motorcycle they will be learning on. This means that it will probably fall a few times and suffer from some bumps and bruises along the process. The first bike should be a good bike with adequate measures to allow the rider to get in the know-how or riding.

As a beginner rider, it's important to learn about how to keep any motorcycle in great shape. By using AMSOIL products, your motorcycle can have a longer lifespan while being protected. Learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change by speaking with a professional at Tarheel Synthetics in Lee County. For more information, visit the online store or call (800) 781-8840 ext 1.

Full-Faced Helmets Restrict Your Visibility

From a first look, it’s understandable to feel like full-faced helmets might restrict rider’s visibility, but this is actually not true. Full-faced helmets are made with specific parameters and safety standards, one of them being that they need to have at least a 210-degree field of view, allowing riders to have an extended perimeter of vision. So not to worry, a full-faced helmet allows for full vision as well as overall more protection for your head and face.

Bikers Wear Leather Because It Looks Cool

When riding a motorcycle, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the importance of wearing appropriate gear. This includes a helmet, gloves, jacket, motorcycle pants, and appropriate footwear. Motorcycle gear is made from a lot of different materials, but one of the most popular, and that serves very well when it comes to protecting, is leather. Of course, leather also looks cool, but the main and principal reason riders wear leather is because of its protective nature in preventing injuries.

A great way to ensure your safety when riding a motorcycle is by ensuring you give it frequent maintenance. Learn about the best products for your engine, like AMSOIL's 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, that gives your engine maximum lubrication and protection. Speak with an expert at Tarheel Synthetics in Lee County, NC, and learn about the benefits of a synthetic oil change. For more information, call (800) 781-8840 ext 1.


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