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Ensuring your tires are in good condition is essential to ensure your safety and your car's performance. Learn how to identify if you need a change of tires in this post by Tarheel Synthetics in Lee County, NC.

Knowing when to replace your tires is essential as driving with worn-out tires can put you in a dangerous situation and affect the performance of your car. It can be hard to determine how long a tire lasts, as many factors can wear out your tires. Learn how to identify if you need new tires in this article by Tarheel Synthetics.

Tread Wear

The tread is the raised pattern on your tires that holds the vehicle to the road when it moves. With time, tires get old and worn down, and the tread depth starts to decrease. To ensure your safety, the tread on your tires should never fall below 1/16 of an inch in depth. You can check your tread depth with a tread depth gauge or a treadwear indicator.

The Age of Your Tires

How old are your tires? Even though it's hard to define a tire's lifespan, experts ensure that 10 years is the maximum amount of time you should have the same tires. Because of factors like climate, the road's condition, and the diver's habits, tires rarely last that amount of time. It is recommended to change tires every 5-6 years as this is the average lifespan of tires. As tires are made out of rubber, a natural material, they wear out even without being used continuously. Spear tires should also be changed within the ten-year mark to prevent them from causing an accident due to the material weakening and developing dry rot, amongst other issues.

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Depending on the area you live in, your tires can be affected in different ways. Climate is a significant factor when it comes to the lifespan of your tires. In hot weather or during summer, the constant exposure to sun and heat can cause blowouts, especially when tires are old or really worn out. Driving with under-inflated tires increases the possibilities of blowouts as the sidewalls of the tires have to do extra work, which tends to make them prone to overheating. Having the right type of tires is essential. Switching off your tires for winter is vital as mixing tire types can cause significant damage to your tires, which can lead you to having to change them frequently. Winter tires are made of specialized rubber that needs cold temperatures to work better. They also have a particular tread pattern that provides more traction in this specific condition. Using the same tires all year around disregarding the climate conditions can lead your tires to have a shorter life span.

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Tire Damage

Have you noticed abnormal bubbles or bulges on your tires? Do your tires present evidence of uneven wear? If the answer to these questions is a big yes, then your tires definitively need to be replaced. These types of damage usually appear on the sidewall of the tire. This means that the rigid internal frame has been damaged, allowing air pressure to reach the outer layer of your tires. Look for other external aspects such as nails or rocks that may be stuck to your tires. These objects, as well as damaged valve caps, can generally be fixed pretty quickly and allow you to keep your tire. Without proper care, small issues like these can lead to more significant and more detrimental problems, so make sure to check your tires frequently.

Seek The Help of a Professional

If you still have doubts after looking at your tires and making a thorough examination, take your time to see a professional. You can go to your expert of trust and ask them to have a lot at your tires. Another option is to have your tires examined by your tire dealer. They can tell you everything you need to know as well as the proper ways in which you can take care of your tires to ensure your safety and your tires and car's performance.

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