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Great New Products

V-Twin Oil Change Kit
The AMSOIL V-Twin Oil Change Kit includes the following:
- 4 quarts of AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil (MCV)
- 1 chrome AMSOIL Ea® Motorcycle Oil Filter (EaOM134C)
- 1 O-ring for the drain plug

Chain Lube
- Outstanding protection against wear and corrosion
- Helps extend chain life
- Does not attract dirt- Does not fling off
- Easy application
- Fast-drying
- Sprays from any position

Synthetic Air Tool Oil
- Helps prevent corrosion and deposits, allowing air tools to run cleanly and reliably.
- Reduces wear, extending tool life.
- Provides easy dispensing.

Firearm Cleaner and Protectant
- Penetrates deep into hard-to-reach components
- Effectively cleans fouling and powder residue from all firearm surfaces, reducing misfires and increasing reliability
- Protects guns against corrosion, allowing for safe storage and preserving performance, reliability and value

100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant
- Effectively lubricates and protects firearms, helping extend life and prevent blockage, jams and wear
- Outstanding protection and performance in both hot and cold climates
- Specifically formulated for firearms, offering superior performance